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Data Recovery Western Digital
Data recovery prices
for Western Digital media and other devices in Canada
HDD Logical Data Recovery
We provide logical and small  physical data recovery (bad blocks) from all hard drives. This means the small errors is not a problem in the hardware and based on wearing reading heads or surface degradation and requires only software-level solutions.

Price $250-400

HDD Physical Data Recovery

In our lab we provide data recovery for drive with physical and mechanical (hardware) damage (hit, dropped, shaken, water damaged, fire damaged, etc.), or after electronic failure. In this case usually clean room heads and surface inspection required.

Price $600-1200

SSD Data Recovery

SSD drive can be corrupted through power failure, logical of physical damage. Deleting of files, formatting the hard disk, operating system failure can be a reason of data lost.

Price $250-800
in most cases

HDD Second Attempt Data Recovery

If you already used data recovery service, or tried to retrieve the data yourself and the process wasn't successful, we can help you. We recover data from opened drives, or drives that were state as "irrecoverable" by previous service.

Second Attempt Price:

Flash Media Data Recovery

Flash media devices can be physically, logically damaged,  corrupted, unrecognized by operating systems, or not recognized on computers, cameras and other devices.

Prices for Connector damage - $150

Not recognized
- $600-800

RAID Data Recovery

RAID logical copy process if there no corruption or damages only $150 per drive

If you have a failed disk in redundant storage system, makes the array much more vulnerable to further disk failures and can result in a complete system breakdown.

Price $350 per drive.

All drives with internal issues are estimated separately.
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