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Data Recovery from Solid State Drives

SSD (solid state drive) is a high-speed storage device based on NAND flash memory. It has a structure similar to standard flash drives - several microchips and a controller. The main difference is the use of a faster type of memory and a controller is a possibility of parallel operation with several microchips simultaneously.
The advantage of such drives is their reading speed and volumes commensurate with HDD hard drives, while these drives do not have mechanical parts. As a result, such discs are less susceptible to external physical influences (shocks, vibrations, falls, etc.).

Data recovery from USB or SSD memory cards drives has several stages:
First technician use hardware method to check firmware and use JTAG connection to get access for SSD drive directly to CPU.
If after repair corrupted firmware and some other low-level tests not possible read data then a technician takes a plastic case apart and carefully solder off all memory chips using an infrared or air soldering station;
then, using a special programmer "NAND Flash Reader", the contents of all memory chips are sequentially read;
using Flash Extractor or PC-3000 Flash software and hardware complex, a technician recreates a disk image according to a specific type of drive, and recovers the order of several thousand blocks that make up the drive dump.
Last stage it logical file structure rebuild from memory dump.

The most common faults:
The main problems that occur with SSD drives are:
Physical damage to the drive. This includes damage to the memory chips and controller, interface connectors, elements of the circuit board and the SSD drive board because of electrical or mechanical damage.
Logical: file system damage, formatting, deletion of data. 
System files damage. This information is used by the controller for
normal operation of the translator. This information is not related to user data, but its damage blocks access to them.

For more information about the cost of files recovery, please contact the company's employees at the contacts on the website. Please be advised that data recovery from SSD drives is a complicated and time-consuming process (much more difficult than conventional flash drives), which requires certain knowledge, skills and specialized equipment. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you call professionals and do not risk to lose your important information as a result of unskilled independent actions.
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